We are extremely sorry for removing COD option.

This is disheartening for us too to remove COD Option for our beloved customers, and this is why we stopped –

One of the Major reasons being the COVID 19 pandemic situation wherein the delivery partners are bit skeptical in receiving cash in an attempt to make it a Contact-Less delivery.

Also, many a times we receive queries from our courier partners that the customer refuse to pay by cash and rejected the delivery or the customer is not reachable even though they may have not attempted.

Most of the times, in today’s scenario we keep less or no cash with us seeking all our transactions through online payment modes, and while the delivery attempt is made, the customer asks for the delivery to be placed the next day. Here the courier companies just return the parcel claiming to be returned by the customer without even attempting as requested by the customer.

Because of such reasons most of our orders are not received properly by our customers.

We do definitely understand the reasons behind opting for the COD Facility. Most of the times it is difficult to identify websites for its genuinity and security on sharing your data.

Be rest assured our website uses secured protocol – https://thenoodleheads.com/

Using a HTTPS site is always safe and secure as it encrypts data and protects your sensitive data like your card details which is always hidden.

The Payment Gateway we use is one of the known, popular and extensively used across most of the prominent online stores. We use “RazorPay” as our payment gateway and its PCI Complaint.

Still have a query you may reach us out on support@thenoodleheads.com


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