Heyy Noodle Heads people !!

Now customize what you wear be it a T-shirt or a Hoodie or even a Mug.

Order single quantity or Bulk Quantity.

You Wear Your Design

Follow Steps to Place Order:

  1. To order Please fill the form from the below Link –


  1. Our Support Team Will Get back to on your provided contact Details
  2. Once we confirm the Order, you will receive an Email and a SMS with the Payment Link
    • Payment Gateway: Razor Pay
  3. Once the payment is confirmed you will receive an email confirming your order within 5-6 working hours.
  4. We’ll Notify you when the order gets ready and when it will be dispatched from time to time; Usually it takes 5-10 days to print and get delivered to your address depending upon the Address provided and the Pandemic Situation conditions with the Courier Partner



For any query or complaints feel free to write us on support@thenoodleheads.com



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